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SerenaSeat with Brazilian Hardwood

$0.00 CAD
Length and Finish



A soothing shower awaits with this spa inspired design. In the fold-away position, the SerenaSeat™ has an incredibly slim 3"/7.6cm profile.

A brushed aluminum frame accents the natural beauty of the Brazilian walnut panels. The removable back rest conceals the screws of the 15.5"/39cm mounting brackets, providing maximum wall contact to deliver an astounding 500lbs/227kg weight capacity.

Discreet wall mount with a 500lbs / 227kg weight capacity.

Two 15.5"/39cm concealed wall mount brackets maximize wall contact and spread the weight-bearing surface for an exceptionally solid feel. Removable backrest allows access to wall tiles for easy cleaning.

Slim folded profile.
Simply fold up to store out of the way. No need to lock into place, a machined precision tension hinge prevents the seat from inadvertently falling down.

Brazilian walnut seat.
Beautiful Brazilian walnut is naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay. Known for it’s considerable strength, it is up to 3 times stronger than teak.