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RoHo LTV Custom Seat Cushion Charcoal Gray Wool (CAD$ 250.00)

$250.00 CAD


Adjustable interconnected air-filled cells redistribute your body weight to minimize pressure. The padded cover adds an extra level of comfort.

Using the same world renowned technology that helps wheelchair users sit for longer periods of time without pain and numbness, we've created a cushion that will help you find comfort while sitting on a plane, driving, sitting in an office chair, or on bleachers.

Lightweight design and air valve make it easy to fold and carry your LTV seat cushion from car to office to stadium seats to plane - anywhere your busy life takes you!

Adjust it how you want it
An easily accessible valve allows you to adjust the air level to one that feels best for you.

Designer Covers
Choose from two Ultraleather covers and a wool model, whichever best coordinates with your personal style. This is the last car seat, bleacher seat, plane seat, or office chair seat you will ever own.